Preparing To Sell

Preparing To Sell

Buyers begin judging your home the moment they see it and, unless they’re looking for a deal on a fixer-upper, they prefer homes that are well-maintained, clean and clutter-free. At Sandeep Singh Real Estate, I can help you prepare your home in the best manner so you can get the best price.

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Depending on your home’s condition, there are three kinds of improvements that will impress buyers and help you sell for top market value: renovations, upgrades and repairs, reorganization and maintenance.


Kitchen – Buyers typically look for updated kitchens. Even a minor facelift – for instance, new paint, floor covering, cabinet doors and hardware – can pay off in a faster sale at a better price.

Bathrooms – Opt for good lighting, large mirrors, attractive fixtures and materials, plenty of storage and neutral colors.

Energy-efficient improvements – With everyone “going green” these days, energy-saving upgrades and repairs that reduce fuel bills can be a selling point.

Upgrade & Repair

Exterior Fix – replace anything damaged or worn, such as patio and deck, gutters and eaves, windows, shutters, screens, storm doors, light fixtures, porches and steps, walkways and fences. Touch up all exterior paint or if needed, re-paint the house.

Interior Fix –  replace or fix cracked molding or floor tiles, leaking taps and toilets, loose door knobs, squeaky door hinges, closets or screen doors that are off their tracks, bathroom lighting and hardware, toilet seats, loose caulking or grout. Touch-up walls, ceilings, windows, etc.

Reorganizing & Maintenance

Exterior – Similar to necessary repairs, basic reorganization and maintenance tasks are “must-dos”. Mow and rake the lawn, trim hedges and shrubs, weed and edge gardens. Remove unnecessary items from the exterior of the house.

Interior – Clean and tidy the entrance, clear stairs and halls Create space by storing all excess furniture Remove from closets, cabinets and shelves any clothes and other items you won’t need until after moving. Pre-pack and store if possible.

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