Marketing the house is one of the core aspects of getting the best value. The successful marketing of a home, like that of any good or service, is a multi-faceted process that includes nearly every activity involved in getting it sold. At Sandeep Singh Real Estate, I believe that marketing is about creating awareness in the minds of as many potential buyers as possible.



Simply put, if buyers don’t know about your house, it doesn’t exist. Below are some of the things that a agent should do to ensure the house is seen by as many potential buyers as possible. An experienced agent, will help should do all of the following.


  • Colorful signage

  • Direct dial number to inquire about the house


  • Post listing on brokerage website

  • Multiple listing service (MLS)

  • Social Media

Print Media

  • Just listed cards

  • Real estate magazines


  • Open houses

  • Professional photographs

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