Buyers From The Bay Area

Buyers From The Bay Area

There is a mass exodus currently taking place in the Bay Area. A large number of residents are looking for other housing options due to the rising housing costs in and around San Francisco and are searching for some financial relief. According to a report from SF Gate, Sacramento is the most common in-state destination for those fleeing the Bay Area. There are so many reasons why Sacramento is the go to place for bay area residents, from its culinary scene to its laid-back feel and the many job opportunities. And of course, the housing costs and overall cost of living are drastically lower in Sacramento.



Sacramento is the place to be. Why? Because Sacramento is only approx. 2 hours away from majority of the Bay Area and cost of housing is just a fraction of what you pay for a similar house in the Bay Area. There is a lot more to Sacramento than just lower house prices.

Home Prices

San Francisco’s median home price climbed to an all-time high of >$1 million. On the other hand, the median home price in Sacramento is $321,000. This is a significant difference, and it confirms that those moving from SF can financially thrive in a city like Sacramento. And they’re more likely able to afford the luxuries that are lofty fantasies in the Bay Area, such as a yard, a guest room, a garage, and spacious living areas. Many people have transitioned from a studio in the Bay Area to a spacious house in Sacramento, one that is purchased instead of rented. Homeownership is much more attainable in Sacramento, allowing people to purchase a house of their dreams.


The job scene in Sacramento is growing. Major corporations to small business are growing their presence in Sacramento area.

Accenture | Apple | Blue Shield of California | Intel | Oracle | Sacramento County | State of California | Sutter Health | VSP Global 


Traffic in the Bay Area is on of the major problems. In Sacramento, there is traffic but not nearly as bad as the Bay Area. Few suburbs (i.e. Elk Grove, Natomas, Folsom) are within 30 minutes drive time even in peak commute hours.

K-12 & College

The Sacramento City Unified District has more than 70 educational facilities which are spread all over the place. The highest rated colleges are California State College, Sacramento City College and Consumnes River College. There is also California State University in Sacramento – famous and celebrated education facility.

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