Buyers From Everywhere Else

Buyers From Everywhere Else

Most people know California for two of it’s main cities: Los Angeles and San Francisco. These two cities are amazing, yet there is also Sacramento, the capital city of the golden state of California.



Here are some of the amazing benefits for calling Sacramento home.

There Are Plenty of Picturesque Sacramento Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods in the City: Midtown, East Sacramento, South Land Park, and College Greens

Suburbs: Davis, Elk Grove, Natomas, Folsom, Roseville, + more

If You’re From the East, Winter Will Be a Breeze

How you view Sacramento’s weather will be relative to where you’re from originally. To some, Sacramento’s winters can be too cold. But, it rarely ever snows in Sacramento, which makes the winters mild and manageable for most.

The Cost of Living is Lower Than Most Parts of California

The housing market varies between neighborhoods. A basic entry level single family home starts around $300,000. This asking price is significantly higher per sq ft than other parts of the country. However, it’s low for the state of California. To compare, the total cost of living for Sacramento is 5% above the national average. Before you think that is high, consider moving to Los Angeles, which has a cost of living 21.5% above the national average.

Sacramento is Ideally Located for Weekend Getaways

Georgious places to visit: Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Yosemite, Lassen National Park, Muir Woods National Monument, Apple Hill, and many more.

There are Numerous Employment Opportunities

Given Sacramento is the capital of California, there are more government jobs here than anywhere else in California. Other major sectors include High-Tech and Healthcare.

Tree Lined Streets are Common

As the city of trees, Sacramento doesn’t want you to underestimate the importance of tree-lined streets. Downtown Sacramento is full of trees, self-proclaimed as having one of the best urban forests in the nation. The city takes great care to ensure the continued sustainability of their trees, in part to offer natural shade from the scorching summer heat.

You’ll Be Encouraged to Eat Better

As America’s “Farm to Fork” Capital, Sacramento has gone through a bit of a rebranding. An area once primarily known as the city of trees was approached in 2012 with a new identity. Sacramento is at the heart of California, and Sacramento grows it all, from almonds to avocados. Restaurateurs and foodies alike can feel confident that they’re being offered the freshest produce available in Sacramento.

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